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September 25, 2005
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KND - Cold as Ice by spider-pie KND - Cold as Ice by spider-pie
guess who this is. yeah. this is what i think Mother would look like. she would have the opposite power of Father's, which is ice.

her personality was a little hard to figure out but i think she sould be the opposite of Father but be just as scary. like while she cares about the Delightful Children, she smothers them in what she thinks is best for them. She can't stand change and she is much slower in her cruelty. while Father is very passionate and impatient, Mother hardly ever shows what she is feeling. She take her time and plans out her moves extremely carfully. She is not as well know in KND circles because of this. She is much more mysterious then Father is. However, there is always an exception to the rule. the only time she is ever outwardly emotional is when she is in the same room as Father. She is like the woman from hell. She naggs about everything and accuses him of everything that she doesn't like about the mansion, the children and himself. She's not a pleasent woman to be around.

She doesn't live in the Delightful Mansion. She lives somewhere in the Artic. However, she always plans a visit every year or two.

i love this drawing. she was a variation of Father's figure. i just tried my best to not make her look like Father in drag.

and yet another pic with a title that is a Foreigner song. hehe.

KND belongs to Mr. Warburton
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You battling Father = with Sector V, YOU CAN DEFEAT HIM!!!
You battling Mother = YOU ARE IN TROUBLE!!!
GothicBandicoot110 Jul 29, 2011  Student Artist
She is so cool!

Wild, Epic, and Crazy!!!!
Hmmm...I'm intrigued. What would you imagine her voice to be like? Icy and commanding like the Evil Queen? Or Calm and collected with a spooky undertone like a wicked stepmother?

Just curious.
Stepmothers: Above all, self-control.
[Knocking on the door is heard]
Stepmother: [Angry, slams on piano keys] Yes!
DeLightfulfreak Feb 17, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've been struck by inspiration Thanx....great pic!
I wonder when they are going to put mother in the show
I wonder when they are going to put mother in the show
I wonder when they are going to put mother in the show
scary O_O
reminds me of my mom a bit O_O
Porcubird Oct 15, 2005  Student Traditional Artist
Skweh? Awesome idea! Yeh should colour in the sketch, it would look tres spiff!
maybe i will. :plotting: thank you.
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